welcome to the official Andrew Clos Fan Club!


8773 S. Ridgeline Blvd
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

We are collectively together to celebrate Mr. Clos in all his glory! support us by sending $1000 to: Tiago Fernandes Pinto, Rua João Giuste, 1622, Piracicaba-SP, 13411-076

Moral Principles:
  • Always worship mr clos
  • Follow the blue clothes ritual
  • Make these new fangled "mee mees" about mr clos (example below)
People have alot to say about the Fan Club!

"I love the fan club! They always give me money under the table hope for the future, which gives me ample reason to say this. Not to mention their great 'memes'!"
Carlton W.

"I am compelled by the great lord to submit these testimonials on a regular basis"
Teresa L.

"Why follow Xenu when you can follow mr clos?"
Vanessa H.

Due to the ALLEGED assassination of Vanessa by the Church of Scientology, we have been forced to remove removed this testimonial from the site.

"Finally a juice all the kids will drink, and a yummy variety of flavors!"
Gail F. - Was probably not meant for this site but it sounds good so we put it on anyways

"Why do people have this obsessive fan club about mr clos? what does it accomplish?"
Some asshole

"What is wrong with you? [Directed at site owner]"
A different asshole